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As your single-source supplier, we will help you consolidate purchasing across multiple product and services categories, delivering a true “tail-end” and indirect service; with one order, one ordering interface, one invoice and one delivery!

All your workplace needs in one single place. Office Depot is a leading supplier for all your needs including general office supplies, cleaning, hygiene and catering products, furniture and print and marketing solutions. We ensure you get everything you want on time, your order is accurate and it’s complete. Trust us to deliver everything you need for your workplace.

  • Minimising the total cost of procurement
  • Concentrating your buying power to reduce purchase costs
  • Reducing your supplier base and associated management costs
  • Simplifying your operational processes and reducing administration
  • Increasing visibility for better control of your expenditure
  • Helping you to reduce your carbon Footprint

Total Cost of Ownership

We will work with you, determine direct and indirect costs and create an ongoing plan to identify areas where savings can be realised.

Reduce hard costs by 25%

Reduce administration by 80%

Reduce vendors by 80%

Reduce carbon footprint by 87.5%

Exceptional spend control

Intuitive shopping experience

Effortless implemetation

  • Rationalising your selections to achieve savings on your core list
  • Controlling and managing all orders not included on your core list
  • Consolidating purchasing across categories to reduce the number of suppliers you use
  • Switching to e-billing with a potential 80% savings
  • Optimising your delivery frequency
  • Implementing and introducing ‘punch out’ and purchasing cards
  • Achieving transparency through the environmental workbook
  • Reducing and reporting on your carbon footprint
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Supply Chain

With state-of-the-art warehouse facilities in the UK and across Europe,
we will manage your stock from sourcing to warehouse management, storage and delivery.

  • Over 500,000m2 of warehousing space across 34 distribution locations in Europe
  • Inventory management, including storage and distribution of customer-specific products
  • Automated, state-of-the-art warehouse facilities with A-frame and Pick by Light systems, for greater efficiency and order accuracy
  • Box-cutting system employed for efficient packing and waste reduction
  • Progressive weighting of product orders
  • Delivery route scheduling; desktop, floor-to-floor, central point or bulk delivery options
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Logistics & Delivery

By leveraging our solid relationships with our delivery partners we ensure market leading order delivery efficiency.

Delivery man
Delivery van
  • Our unique OTAC delivery performance metric system is governed by our quality assurance team
  • Measuring 32 points across 5 critical functions

1  Receiving and processing orders
2  Stock availability
3  Releasing orders for picking
4  Picking and packing
5  Delivery

  • External performance reports used to identify trends and ensure best practice
  • Year on year improvements in our OTAC* achieved since inception in 2008

*On Time Accurate & Complete. Our OTAC performance measures far more than stock availability and fulfilment. Want to know more, contact us

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