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Digital Stress

What are the stresses of working during lockdown?

Just how are employees experiencing remote work and is that changing during lockdown?…read more

January 2021

Red Type

Oh, so you have a red personality?

Using Insight training to build a foundation for better communication between different personalities…read more

December 2020


Keeping your colleagues safe from point A to B this winter

Now that it’s winter, let’s prevent the weather from endangering colleagues…read more

December 2020

Leicestershire Cares

Leicestershire Cares donation

Office Depot Donate Tonnes of Toiletries…read more

December 2020

Home Workspace

So…who is responsible for the home workspace?

Employer vs employee, read our blog to understand what the regulators say…read more

November 2020


Five tips to get you through the darkest part of the year

Our motto: as soon as it gets uncomfortable outside, we turn the office into a comfort zone…read more

November 2020


How can you make your kitchen table into a decent workspace?

As regions impose new lockdown rules, it’s clear that we’ll all be spending time at home with our laptops…read more

October 2020

International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day

We’re sharing our coffee break routines. Whether it’s to kickstart the day or take a second to unwind, we love our coffee…read more

October 2020


National recycle week 2020

The theme, "Together, We Recycle", applauds the continuing recycling effort during the disruption of coronavirus…read more

September 2020


How can you keep your workspace flu-free this Autumn?

We’re back into the months with an “r” in them, which means flu season is officially open…read more

August 2020


How remanufacturing can breathe new life into old office furniture

For many companies, sustainability was one of the key business priorities prior to lockdown…read more

August 2020


Office Depot Europe supports vulnerable children during lockdown

Vulnerable nursery children who have been unable to access school resources during the Covid-19 lockdown…read more

July 2020


Are these sustainable desks the future of home working?

Sustainable pop-up desks helping NHS save money and work from home…read more

July 2020


How to prepare your office in a post-lockdown world

As the UK prepares to ease lockdown restrictions, more businesses will contemplate a return to the office…read more

July 2020


5 Things Schools Need to Know when Selecting Furniture

Given the rise of increasingly innovative teaching styles, the design of the classroom is evolving…read more

July 2020


Office Depot UKIE recognised for reducing our carbon footprint

Our operations in the UK & Ireland have been recognised for the ninth consecutive year…read more

July 2020

Back to Work

Keeping colleagues safe post lock down

The Government has encouraged those who cannot work from home to begin returning to work…read more

May 2020


Raising hope in Dublin community

​​​​Irish colleagues are inspiring disadvantaged students with career-boosting training as part of a special programme.…read more

March 2020


How should you set up your home office?

Many office workers are now facing the reality…read more

March 2020


Big-hearted staff donate more than £75,000 to UK charities.

Generous staff at Office Depot Europe in the UK and Ireland have donated a massive £75,328…read more

February 2020


Ancient wisdom enlightens leaders at Office Depot.

The Bhudda once said: “It is better to conquer yourself than win a thousand battles”.…read more

January 2020

mental health

Mental health in the workplace

How to look after employee mental health…read more

January 2020

Flu Outbreaks

How to prepare your office for flu

Offices must clean up their act to avoid flu outbreaks…read more

December 2019

Prepare for Winter

How to prepare your office for winter

The three main concerns when it comes to offices during winter…read more

December 2019

Water Bottles

Should you invest in water bottles for your workplace?

How companies can make small but impactful changes through branded water bottles…read more

December 2019

Health Award

Office Depot scoops health award

Office Depot was hailed as one of the healthiest companies in the UK…read more

November 2019

Innovation Award

Office Depot scoops award for innovation

Office Depot has won an award for Innovation Delivery from Virgin Money…read more

November 2019

Winter Flus

Office winter flus

How your office can beat the winter flus…read more

November 2019

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome

3 ways your office can combat Sick Building Syndrome…read more

November 2019


CSR Campaign

Office Depot Europe launches new campaign to reduce its impact on the environment.…read more

October 2019

Winter Weather

Companies urged to prepare for winter weather

How to avoid accidents and productivity loss in your workplace…read more

October 2019

International Procurement

Why transparency is key for international procurement

How can it benefit your business and deliver significant savings…read more

October 2019

New Business

Perfect audit could power up new business

Office Depot has scored 100% in an audit which…read more

October 2019


Graduation day for our 'apprentices'

Forty-five colleagues in the UK have been celebrated…read more

October 2019

Must Haves

Four must-have office products

Four must-have office products every worker needs…read more

September 2019

MPS Benefits

Five benefits of a Managed Print Service

Five benefits of how print management can assist your business today…read more

July 2019

GDPR Paper

Does GDPR apply to paper documents?

How storing documents in an organised way helps to protect your business’s sensitive data and improve its efficiency…read more

July 2019

Visual Hacking

Visual hacking

Could your business be at risk of visual hacking?…read more

July 2019

Hydrated Office

Keeping staff hydrated in the office

How can you ensure your staff remain hydrated throughout the day?…read more

July 2019

WWF Timber

Top marks for Office Depot in WWF Timber Scorecard 2019

Office Depot has once again achieved the highest possible rating in the latest WWF Timber Scorecard report…read more

July 2019

Moving Offices

Moving offices - Marketing requirements?

Which marketing materials need updating when your business relocates?…read more

July 2019

Mental Health

How to support mental health

Supporting mental health in the workplace is becoming a high priority for employers…read more

June 2019

Cleaning Mistakes

Common mistakes businesses make with cleaning products

Being well-stocked with cleaning products is imperative no matter the time of the year…read more

June 2019

Paperless Office

Is your office paperless or paper-lite?

Why a managed print system could be much more practical than no printing at all…read more

June 2019

Personal Data

Are you destroying your personal data correctly?

How to make sure your office uses the correct security measures when destroying paper records…read more

June 2019

GDPR Compliant

How GDPR compliant is your office?

Has your office taken the necessary steps to ensure it follows the guidelines set out by GDPR?…read more

June 2019

Supply Chain

Is your workplace a secure data zone?

The arrival of the General Data Protection Legislation…read more

March 2019

Supply Chain

Office Depot receives top industry accreditation

Office Depot’s work in the area of cleaning…read more

March 2019

Supply Chain

Streamline your supply chain for 2019

As we head rapidly towards the New Year, many businesses…read more

March 2019

World Environment Day

World Environment Day

Sustainable supply chains have never been more important…read more

March 2019

Card image cap

Fitness furniture

How to get staff moving on ‘Move for Health Day’…read more

March 2019

Card image cap

Why businesses should capitalise on the co-working trend

The co-working trend is revolutionising the traditional…read more

March 2019

Card image cap

Moving offices - Furniture requirements?

What to consider when kitting out your new place…read more

March 2019

Card image cap

The top office design trends of 2019

2017 has proven to be a significant year for office design…read more

March 2019

Card image cap

How to share your working space but not your germs

The nature of the workplace is…read more

March 2019

Card image cap

Encouraging customer loyalty

Maintaining cleaning standards in the independent sector…read more

March 2019

Card image cap

Update your ordering pattern

Why it pays to understand your facilities supplies usage…read more

March 2019

Card image cap

A positive cycle

How businesses can encourage an eco-friendly commute…read more

March 2019

Card image cap

Health and safety

Don't break a sweat this summer…read more

March 2019

UVDB logo

Office Depot Score 100%

During the last few weeks Office Depot UK have…read more

September 2018

Office Depot completes Bradgate Park Team Challenge

Bradgate Park Team Challenge

A BIG well done to everyone who…read more

June 2018

Leicester cares

Leicestershire Cares Week

Office Depot has signed up to take part in…read more

April 2018


Abdul Khamkar Young Executive of the Year

Abdul Khamkar of Office Depot wins…read more

March 2018


Office Depot and International Paper raise €125,480

Office Depot and International Paper raise…read more

March 2018