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Vindis Motor Group



When we first engaged with Vindis we very quickly discovered that they were signed up to an agreement with their incumbent supplier which had seen price increases of more than 10-15% year on year. This meant they were paying twice as much for their prints as they were when they’d signed the contract 3 years earlier. Office Depot engaged with Vindis and their legal team to review the current contract they had in-place to ensure we could exit them from the contract without Penalty and understand what the settlement figure would be.


Vindis is a car dealership with over 20 sites within the group. They specialise in Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Bentley.They had been with there incumbent supplier for three years and were unhappy with the service and charges they were receiving as a business.

The challenge

Vindis wanted to exit their current contract 2 years early and introduce a more modern fleet of printers and multi-function devices and improve the service performance they received.

The result

Office Depot installed 72 printers in to 20 Vindis sites over a 10 day period and successfully exited Vindis from their previous agreement whilst incorporating the settlement figure into the new contract and delivering a saving over the life of the contract of over £200,000

72 printers/m f ds across 20 sites
4 hour response S L A down from 8 hours
circa £200,000 saving over the life of the contract

Our relationship with Office Depot is going to be a mutually beneficial one given the work done on the MPS contract.